Collective Church
Photo from Collective Church

Launch: October 2015

Founding Lead Planters: Casey Fritz and Lorenzo Smith

Orchard Group is excited to share our plans to help launch a new church on the Westside of Los Angeles.  We met Casey and Lorenzo in 2013 at the Exponential conference when they attended a pre-conference session we led on church planting in cities. We established a quick connection with Casey and Lorenzo, which has steadily grown.

Photo from Collective Church

Casey and Lorenzo have a combined 34 years of ministry experience. They served together as pastors at Reality LA in Hollywood CA, where Casey was a teaching pastor and director of community groups. Lorenzo was the executive pastor.  In addition to being close friends, their diverse giftings, personalities, backgrounds and experience make them an effective and complementary team.

Photo from Collective Church

Within Los Angeles, the Westside is unique in its potential to serve as a strategic platform for kingdom advancement throughout the city and beyond.  It is this region, and its 23 neighborhoods, where the church is called and will focus their efforts.  This church’s mission is to call people to take seriously their place in the body of Christ, in community, in disciple-making, and on God’s mission as embedded missionaries on the Westside to reach others with the good news of the Gospel.

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