Jersey City Project
Photo from Jersey City Project

Lead Planter: Lawrence Adjah

Jersey City, New Jersey is often described as “the most diverse city in the United States.” Located across the Hudson River from Manhattan, it is a home to many who work in New York City.

Jersey City is the fastest growing metropolitan area in New Jersey and attracts people from a wide range of backgrounds, with nearly equal percentages of white, black, Asian, and Hispanic populations.

Photo from Jersey City Project

The landscape of Jersey City is changing quickly as new high rises are being built to accommodate the influx of new people. This growth creates opportunities for the gospel! Lawrence Adjah, who grew up in New Jersey and is a resident of Jersey City, will lead the launch of a new church. One of the things Lawrence loves about Jersey City is “the convergence of ethnicities and cultures still living in close proximity to one another.” It creates a rich tapestry where a gospel–centered church can look similar to the wide mix of the early church.

Photo from Jersey City Project

Lawrence has a heart for connecting people to each other. (Read Lawrence’s story) Lawrence has been a part of Renaissance Church in Harlem, NY from the beginning. He is currently the Director of Community Life at Renaissance and is completing his MDiv at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.


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