City Church Lagos
Photo from City Church Lagos

Lead Planters: Femi and Tosin Osunnuyi

Launch: January 2017

Femi Osunnuyi grew up in the heart of Lagos. After discovering a robust Christianity while completing his PhD in Engineering, Femi has answered the call to start a new church in this megacity. As a native, he knows Lagos’ challenges and opportunities and has a vision for a local church that will proclaim the Christian gospel to the exploding population.

Photo from City Church Lagos

Lagos is a city of superlatives: With more than 20 million inhabitants, it’s not only the largest city in the country of Nigeria, it’s the largest city on the continent of Africa. Its industries form the centerpiece of Africa’s largest economy. And with 250,000 people a year moving there, Lagos is one of the fastest growing cities in history.

Photo from City Church Lagos

Femi says, “I believe that the local church is the biblical and most effective means for the propagation of the gospel of Christ to all of the people of Lagos.” He and his wife, Tosin, desire to bring the true message of Jesus to this city through a church that

“Loves Jesus, Loves People, and Loves Lagos!”


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