FEATURED : Mission Church

Mike and Jodi Hickerson led a dynamic team to launch Mission Church in Ventura, California in October of 2011. The church has become known as a welcoming and hospitable community. Every summer, they host free movies in an outdoor park for their neighbors. Mission also leads and organizes annual parties for youth with special needs. In the five years since launch, over 300 people have committed themselves to Jesus through baptism at Mission. Their attendance approaches 1,000 each week and they are in the process of buying a facility to accommodate more people in worship.

Mission Church believes that through Jesus Christ, there is Hope For Everyone.

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Orchard Group has a proven track record of planting churches in the most densely populated and underchurched regions in America. New churches started by Orchard Group in the past 20 years are reaching more than 20,000 people combined.


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