Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story! Ps 107:2 Kenneth and Shanika Hart share how God has led them to start a new church in Central Harlem.  From the simple prayer, “Jesus, if you’re real, change my life,” God has transformed Kenneth and given him a new purpose for his talents. Be encouraged by Kenneth and Shanika’s stories of coming to know Jesus and growing in faith.

New Year, New Church in Orlando

Thrive Church celebrated its launch Sunday with two services and 162 people. Led by Greg Marksberry, the church is off to a good start. Thrive is meeting in the heart of a growing section of Orlando – Lake Nona. Lake Nona is a planned community and medical hub, and is predicted to triple in population in the next ten years from 50,000 to 150,000. Thrive has recognized the importance of helping families. One of the needs of Lake Nona is a program addressing youth literacy. The area has no library, and has one of the highest rates of ESL (English…

People have heard the name Jesus, but it doesn’t mean anything to them…  Jesus is not a part of Japanese Christmas. Even though fewer than 1% of the population in Japan identifies as Christian, Christmas is a widely-celebrated holiday.  The day is associated with Santa Claus and presents, sponge cake, Kentucky Fried Chicken (!), and is similar to Valentine’s Day in the United States.  Because of the few churches in the country, many Japanese are unfamiliar with actual story behind celebration. This can lead to a confusing clash of images, as seen in the department store window below. photo source unknown Through…

Celebrating Christ in the Chaos of the City – Lagos, Nigeria

“I’ve never heard anything like this before.” “This is what I’ve been looking for.” “When a friend told me about this place, I had to come see for myself.” These are all verbatim statements made at a preview service at City Church in Lagos, Nigeria.  City Church prepares to launch in January 2017.  Luke Greer (below) had the opportunity to meet the core launch team, to hear their stories, to meet their families, and to hear them say beautiful things about the church. The city of Lagos is extraordinary: 600,000 people moved there last year alone. The sheer magnitude of the…

How We Wait

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How We Wait

This year, Americans will spend roughly 37 billion hours waiting in line. 37 billion. That’s a lot of waiting. If you’ve visited your local post office in December, you probably feel like you’ve added your fair share of minutes to that total. Nobody likes waiting. We are not very good at it. Next time you are in line, look around. Many people (if not all) are scrolling away on their phone, filling the boredom with the distractions of music, or a game, or social media. With waiting such a large part of our shared experience, it’s no wonder so many…

Over the last few years, The Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been informally named “Giving Tuesday.”  The day was promoted via social media to encourage people to think charitably after the consumer-driven Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  The idea has grown rapidly.  Last year, $117 million was raised for charities in over 50 countries. On this Giving Tuesday, we are saying, “Thank you” to all of our donors and supporters who make new church planting possible.  Your support is making a difference! New gospel-centered communities are being created in Miami, Cape Town, Paris, Harlem, Lagos, and Brooklyn.  People are responding to Jesus…

Below The Waterline

If you visit New York City and have a day to spare, take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The views of Manhattan and Brooklyn are spectacular. The bridge is an engineering marvel. When it was built, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Several controversies surrounded the landmark during its construction in the late 1800s. As the foundations on the Brooklyn side soared 100 feet into the air, on the Manhattan side, nothing was visible. People grumbled. Charges of fraud and deceit filled the newspapers. Long before Twitter and Facebook, the public outcry grew to a roar….

Femi Osunnuyi is leading the Lagos Project, a new church in Nigeria. Lagos is a vital and strategic city in Africa. Watch the video to hear more about the project. You can also donate to the project here.

Cape Town is a beautiful city of 3.7 million in the metro area.  Louis and Yolandi Scheepers are leading a new church plant to reach people in South Africa with the gospel of Jesus.  You can join them by committing to pray for them and giving to the project.  Find out more at

East & West

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East & West

For sixty years, Orchard Group helped start new churches exclusively in the northeastern United States. Six years ago, we helped start a new church in Salt Lake City, UT. Since then, six more churches have been started out west. Those churches reach thousands every Sunday and many have come to know Jesus through them. We did not envision today’s growth when we started that first church! God’s vision was greater than we could foresee. This week, we led two simultaneous retreats for our most recent church planting teams -one on the east coast, and one on the west. The sun…