Church Planting Retreat

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Church Planting Retreat

Spending time with these church planting leaders in Miami is the highlight of the Orchard Group calendar. They serve their people and their communities with tireless effort, humble sacrifice, and a clear call to serve God. Getting away together is a chance to reconnect, relax, and laugh.  God is good.

A Far Better Savior

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A Far Better Savior

From Jessica Rice Renaissance Church in New York City I don’t think it’s presumptive to say we all like the feeling of being helpful and feeling as though we make a difference in other people’s lives. We like the idea of someone standing on an award stage and declaring that they couldn’t have done it without us. We like the idea of changing the world with our actions. We like finding the solution. We like the idea of being the hero. When we started our church four years ago, I had big dreams of how God would transform lives. I…

Church Planting: Putting People In Leadership

From Brian Kruckenberg New City Church in Phoenix, Arizona During Bill Clinton’s 1992 Presidential campaign, Clinton’s entertaining and often polarizing lead campaign advisor, James Carville, boiled down the strategy to one, now infamous, and often repeated, slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid.” While there were many important aspects to running a successful campaign, Carville believed that the state of the economy was first, second, and third in order of importance to the American people. His instincts were right. Clinton successfully defeated the incumbent George H.W. Bush in an electoral landslide.  I can relate. As a church planter and leader of a…

Church Planting and Moving with a Core Group

by Kyle Costello Missio Dei Community, Salt Lake City Six months before my wife and I moved to plant our church, the lead pastor of the church where I was on staff publicly announced our plans. He didn’t just mention the church plant and our future move from Portland to Salt Lake City. He invited anyone who was willing to help start a church to move with us. Throughout those six months, he and other staff and elders would encourage people to go with us. I would hear a timid knock at my office door and someone, often someone I…

Building God’s Kingdom or Clinging to Mine

By Ty Watts, Epiphany Church in Brooklyn, New York I find it hard to admit when I am wrong. Maybe because I’m usually always right – or at least I try and convince myself that I am.  However, I can look back at one particular moment in my marriage when my ideals got dramatically reversed. One evening my husband walked into the house as I was preparing dinner and announced with excitement, “Well, I think we should prayerfully consider relocating to the city to begin the church planting process.” I immediately tensed up and blurted out a quick sarcastic remark and…

South India Project

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Rajiv grew up in a Hindu immigrant family in the United States. While he attained financial and business success as an adult, Rajiv felt something was missing. In Jesus, Rajiv found what he was searching for. Rajiv and his wife Sarah sold everything ten years ago to move to India with their three children to start a new church. The city where they live is cosmopolitan. With a population of 9.5 million, only 5% claim Christian faith. It also has the second highest suicide rate in the country. There is a great need for the gospel to be shared here. God…

Church Planting Year One: Don’t Forget The Family

By Bert Crabbe True North Community Church, Long Island, NY Planting a church is a huge undertaking, and anyone who’s even glanced at a first-year church planter can see that it takes a toll on a person – body, mind, and soul. But. There’s another area that can really take a hit if we’re not careful – the church planter’s family. When we planted True North almost 13 years ago (dang!), it was explained to me that the year prior to launch and the first year of the plant would be pretty brutal. Even with a killer team of volunteers,…

Church Launch and Loneliness

By Lindsay Kuhl Mosaic Church, Elkridge, Maryland Mother Teresa says “loneliness… is the most terrible poverty.” When we launched Mosaic nearly 10 years ago, I wasn’t prepared for the deep loneliness that came with it. In 2008, my husband Carl and I moved from Louisville, KY to Baltimore, MD with our only child at the time, a 6-month-old baby girl. We moved in January. It was cold, dreary, and dark. Little did I know that the weather would mimic my mood for several months to come. We had 6 months to get settled before our launch team meetings would start. We…

Mission Church Grand Opening

On September 23rd, MISSION CHURCH celebrated the grand opening of their new worship space in Ventura, California. The building is located right off of the main highway and is visible to the thousands of people who drive by daily. Mission also marked their 7th birthday last month. In those seven years, over 500 people have been baptized at Mission! Lead planter Mike Hickerson shares that Mission’s hope is that this new building will be a lighthouse to people, pointing the way to find and follow Jesus.

The Gathering Harlem- One Year Celebration

Congratulations to our church family at THE GATHERING in Harlem, New York City! They celebrated their one year birthday in September. The Gathering has grown in numbers, but the leadership is also excited about the spiritual and emotional growth they’ve seen in their people.  Our prayer with all new churches is that they will grow and thrive and spread the good news of Jesus! He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil 1:6