Incubation To Incarnation

For ten days the live feed of April, a pregnant giraffe, has captured the attention of 40 million people around the world. 40 million! Perhaps you’ve seen the news pop up on TV or in your Facebook feed. Funny enough, not much has happened (no sign of a baby as of this writing). It’s been a global exercise in waiting. The excitement surrounding a birth is understandable. Orchard Group experiences that thrill frequently, although the waiting is of a different sort.  Incubation is a fitting description for the pre-launch phase of a new church. This stage of growth (often unseen…

Epiphany Church Launch Sunday

A beautiful start for Epiphany Church in Brooklyn! A crowd gathered before the service, visiting and enjoying goodies made by bakers in the church. Once the service began, people trickled in until the place was packed. Gabe Katz welcomed everyone to launch Sunday. Dr. Eric Mason prayed for the new church and Brandon Watts. People read from the Word – “old” style…. ….and new! Please keep Epiphany Church in your prayers as they join Jesus in His work in Brooklyn.  If you would like to financially support this church, you can do so at this page.

The Brooklyn Project

Following God’s direction can lead to unexpected places. Abram followed God’s call to go, not knowing where it would lead. Jonah heard God’s call to Nineveh, but chose to run from it! Today, God still leads His people to surprising places. Brandon Watts was successful in the corporate world in Philadelphia. Then good job prospects and a promotion offered opportunity for his family to move to the South. Yet neither Brandon nor his wife, Ty, could shake the sense that God wanted a different direction for their lives. After considerable prayer, Brandon and Ty confirmed that God was leading them…