Spring Growth

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Spring Growth

One of the pictures Jesus used to describe the Kingdom of God was of a mustard seed.  The Bible often uses gardening or farming illustrations to reveal the nature of the gospel, showing how God is at work in the world.  God can bring life even in the most barren of places. Just as much of the northern hemisphere is waking from the winter chill and new life is beginning to blossom in the spring, growth and new life is evident at many of our churches! Putting down roots Mosaic Church in Baltimore threw a big 10th Anniversary party, celebrating…

Meet Emiola From Renewal Church

“Chicago is an extremely diverse city but it’s very segregated space.” Meet Emiola from Renewal Church in Chicago. Emiola was born in Chicago and grew up in London and Nigeria.  When she returned to Chicago for college, she was surprised and dismayed at the palpable tension in the city.  The move was made even more difficult because she had no family in the city.  Emiola started attending Renewal Church just over a year ago.  Emiola wanted to be a part of a group who would truly know her.  Quickly she felt that Renewal was the right place.  She explained, “It…

Renewal Church, Chicago

Renewal Church in Chicago recently relocated to a high school on the west side of Chicago.  The move allowed them to stay in the neighborhood while also providing them room for growth.  It was a good idea – after adding a second service, the church quickly doubled in attendance after the move!  Check out a typical Sunday at Renewal:

Derrick Puckett recognized that many times people won’t come to church, even if they are spiritually seeking.  So Renewal Church in Chicago makes a habit of getting outside the walls of church- whether that’s playing basketball or going to neighborhood celebrations! As a side note, Derrick says, “A lot of people think they can play ball…”  The team at Renewal can play ball- they’ve won their league championship two years in a row! After 5 months of Chicago cold, Renewal Church eagerly anticipates summertime through “Renewal Summer” fellowship events. Throughout the summer, members open their homes each week for Taste of Tuesdays…

Kaley Puckett had initial reservations about church planting.  Over time, she became excited about the idea.  With the support of Orchard Group, Derrick and Kaley planted Renewal Church in Chicago!


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WHY HOST A CONVERSATION ON GOSPEL AND RACE?  Renewal Church in Chicago serves a city that is nearly equally black, white, and Latino.  Their desire is to share the gospel with all people of the city, believing that the message of Jesus Christ will bring people of all backgrounds together to worship him.  Luke Greer, Director of Orchard Institute, hosts the conversation with lead planter of Renewal, Derrick Puckett, his wife Kaley, and Ricky and April Jenkins. HIGHLIGHTS: 16:20 Kaley shares her experience growing up, when people would ask her, “What are you?” in reference to her racial heritage. 20:00 Luke asks, “What are the highs and…

Two New Churches Make One Exciting Month

One of the most exciting times in a family’s life is the birth of a baby.  New parents (and grandparents!) post photos to share in their joy.  Starting a new church is often compared to a birth.  Furious work happens behind the scenes for months.  Then everyone gets together to celebrate “Launch Sunday.”  What was once behind the scenes is now public and ready to take its place in the world!  Launch Sunday is one of the highlights of the early life of a church. During September, two new churches were planted with the help of Orchard Group. Renewal Church-…

Launch Sunday for Renewal Church in Chicago!


“Out of 500 people, I was the only black guy in the room.” Lead Planter Derrick Puckett, on his heart for Chicago, and the desire to be a part of a new church that has a vision to bring people of all backgrounds together. Renewal Church website

Orchard Group West

Five years ago Orchard Group’s vision expanded from the northeast to include specific urban areas in the west.  It started as a vision.  Now it is reality! God has opened one door after another for new faith communities.  Last month leaders from our Orchard Group West churches got together in Park City, Utah. Missio Dei Community, Salt Lake City New City Church, Phoenix Mission Church, Ventura, CA Redemption Church, San Francisco Renewal Church, Chicago Four years ago, none of these churches existed!  Now they are reaching over 2,700 people combined.    Missio Dei Community in Salt Lake City was the…