Summer Fun And Youth Opportunities

One of the beautiful pictures in the Gospels is of little children hovering around Jesus. Perhaps they were begging, “Just one more, Jesus! Throw the ball one more time! Tell one more story!” insistent in the way only small children can be. Of course the disciples are nearby, because there were important things to do. Deadlines to meet, people to see, speeches to give. Yet Jesus knew the importance of including children in God’s Kingdom. The future rests with them. It is encouraging to see new churches being intentional about the health and development of youth. Throughout the summer, churches…

Good news from Ireland & Japan!

4 more baptisms at Elevate Christian Church in Limerick! ECC is rejoicing to see people putting their trust in Jesus. Mustard Seed Christian Church in Osaka recently moved to new space, which has been a blessing. Their attendance has boomed far past what the old space could have accommodated! Leaders prayed for 130 to come for Easter services. 170 came! For many, it was the first time they have ever heard the gospel.

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Visiting Ireland is enjoyable. Visiting Dermot and Elevate Community Church is even better! Recently, ECC celebrated a baptism, baby dedications, and the highest attendance of first-time guests to their morning service. Elevate was planted in 2012. “Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, because He comes to His people and redeems them.” Luke 1:68

Elevate Ireland’s Growing Groups!

Elevate Christian Church celebrated their 1st birthday in January, and they are seeing great growth in their groups!  Elevate started with weekly Sunday services and two groups per week.  Those two groups have flourished and have multiplied into five mid-week groups. Lead planter Dermot O’Mahony has noted, “Irish people prefer to invite friends to a smaller group environment first.  These groups are the open door to our Sunday services.  We may be unusual in that the Sunday morning services aren’t the engine of the church.” Along with numeric growth, Elevate is also excited at the spiritual growth they are seeing.  People…

International Monday

It’s International Monday! We have much to thank God for: Elevate Church in Limerick, Ireland celebrated one year yesterday. Congratulations, Dermot and the Elevate team! May you celebrate many more years of leading people to a new understanding of Jesus. In 2013, TEN people were baptized at Mustard Seed Christian Church in Osaka, Japan! The average church in Japan sees 1.1 baptisms per year. Many hearts and lives are being changed by God through the MSCC churches.

Only Here for the View

Ireland conjures many romantic images: verdant green fields, warm hospitality, lively music, and a strong religious presence. Yet recent studies show that Irish people are walking away from the church. Religious institutions are viewed with suspicion even as they have a strong foothold in community life. The percentage of people that consider themselves religious has declined rapidly since the last census, and now stands at 47%. A young Irishman states: “I’m from Ireland. I’m in my early 20’s and can’t think of anyone in my age bracket who actually goes to church or believes in God anymore.” hyperlink:  Lead planter…