Mission Church

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What good can one new church do in a community? This compelling video from Mission Church in Ventura, CA shows how one new church community has a real and practical impact on the people of a city.  Their generosity is the visible outpouring of a gracious God!

5 Values That Shape Our Staff & Volunteer Culture

I would love to tell you we knew exactly what we were doing when we started Mission Church…we didn’t. I would love to tell you we had values and strategy clearly marked out…we didn’t. I would love to tell you we knew what it was going to look like in three years…we didn’t. What we didn’t know in the beginning seemed to significantly outweigh what we did. So we began to clarify what really mattered to us – the things we wanted to be true about us – and started sketching a list on the white board in our office….

“Today, Mission Church made me feel thankful again.”

Mission Church is making a difference in lives in California! Below is excerpt of an email they received from a first time visitor: “I just wanted to say thank you. Today was my first day at Mission Church. Before I even got in the doors, I was welcomed warmly with smiles. The welcome team certainly earns their title, because I thought to myself, “These are some of the nicest people ever!” Worship and service was wonderful, and the brief time my daughter spent in the nursery was wonderful. I have never left her in a daycare but I had zero anxiety…

Orchard Group West

Five years ago Orchard Group’s vision expanded from the northeast to include specific urban areas in the west.  It started as a vision.  Now it is reality! God has opened one door after another for new faith communities.  Last month leaders from our Orchard Group West churches got together in Park City, Utah. Missio Dei Community, Salt Lake City New City Church, Phoenix Mission Church, Ventura, CA Redemption Church, San Francisco Renewal Church, Chicago Four years ago, none of these churches existed!  Now they are reaching over 2,700 people combined.    Missio Dei Community in Salt Lake City was the…

Beach Baptisms At Mission Ventura!

Mission Church volunteers truly love the people of Ventura, California.  This video highlights the various ways they have served their city in the last year. Keep up the good work Mission!  May the love of God be evident in all you do and may your good work point people to the hope we have in Jesus!

From Challenge to Opportunity- Mission Church in Ventura, CA

First year challenges for Mission Church in Ventura become opportunities to see God’s provision! In 2011, Mission Church started meeting for Sunday worship in a Ventura, CA movie theatre. They rented the space on Sundays, and the church needed to clear out quickly before afternoon movies started. Fortunately, the theatre was well situated to draw from the city and surrounding towns. Mission grew to 200 and baptized over 40 new believers in their first year. After celebrating Mission’s 1st birthday, Mike and Jodi Hickerson, lead planters, received the news that the theatre would be closed and shuttered. It is not unusual…

Baptisms at Mission Church

Wonderful news from Mission Church in Ventura, CA. 13 people were baptized in the Pacific Ocean, committing their lives and future to Jesus!