New Space For MSCC – Osaka!

Mustard Seed Christian Church met for the last two years in the YMCA in Osaka, Japan.  The YMCA facilitated the church’s growth to this point, but now a new facility has been found that will allow the church to grow even further!  According to lead pastor Jay Greer, the new space is: BIG.  There will be enough space to hold 200 people per service. CONVENIENT. The new space will be within walking distance of the 4th busiest station in the world. VISIBLE. Leasing the space comes with a large billboard that faces the road and train lines. AFFORDABLE. While the…

Becoming A Spiritual Grandparent

From Nick Parsons, Director of Recruitment Even though I am only 34 years old, I recently experienced the joy of becoming a grandparent. OK…before you start doing math on the ages of my wife and daughter, know that I am talking about being a “church planting grandparent” not a physical grandparent! Let me explain… Seven years ago, I had the joy of helping to start Mustard Seed Christian Church in Nagoya, Japan. Five years ago, this church, planted a new, “daughter church” in Osaka, Japan, also called Mustard Seed, two churches supported by Orchard Group. In the past year, this…

People have heard the name Jesus, but it doesn’t mean anything to them…  Jesus is not a part of Japanese Christmas. Even though fewer than 1% of the population in Japan identifies as Christian, Christmas is a widely-celebrated holiday.  The day is associated with Santa Claus and presents, sponge cake, Kentucky Fried Chicken (!), and is similar to Valentine’s Day in the United States.  Because of the few churches in the country, many Japanese are unfamiliar with actual story behind celebration. This can lead to a confusing clash of images, as seen in the department store window below. photo source unknown Through…

Searching For Church

Through the Global Cities Initiative, Orchard Group will start churches in some of the most populated cities in the world.  Why does this matter?  Six years ago, Mustard Seed Christian Church was launched in Nagoya, Japan.  Lyndsey Eubanks is on that team, and she shares: “I have been blown away by the number of people who have walked through our door on a Sunday for the first time because they googled ‘church’ and found us.  Many of these people have never been to a church before, but God has been working in their hearts and they are hungry and searching for truth. …

It’s exciting to see the growth of Mustard Seed Christian Church in Osaka, Japan.  Matthew and Jessica Whelchel, staff members at MSCC share the joys and challenges of planting a church in Japan.  Check out this video of a behind- the -scenes on a Sunday. Keep up the good work, MSCC!    

Good news from Ireland & Japan!

4 more baptisms at Elevate Christian Church in Limerick! ECC is rejoicing to see people putting their trust in Jesus. Mustard Seed Christian Church in Osaka recently moved to new space, which has been a blessing. Their attendance has boomed far past what the old space could have accommodated! Leaders prayed for 130 to come for Easter services. 170 came! For many, it was the first time they have ever heard the gospel.

MSCC in Osaka, Japan

The Osaka area is populated by 17.4 million people. The largest church in Osaka is around 500 people. If we planted a church twice that size, it would be unprecedented. If we planted a church of 17,000 it would be a miracle. And still, a church of 17,000 would impact less than 0.1% of this metropolitan area. Jay Greer, lead planter of Mustard Seed Christian Church in Osaka, Japan There is so much work still to do in Japan! We are grateful for the faithfulness of the MSCC churches who minister there.

Church Planting Joys

Last week, Orchard Group churches: Celebrated baptisms Dedicated families Served cities What a pleasure to see the work these churches are doing in living out the gospel throughout the world!  


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What a beautiful baptism picture from Mustard Seed Christian Church in Osaka, Japan. On Sunday, they celebrated their 20th baptism. Acts 16: “So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.” We’re seeing this growth in Japan as well. Happy (International) Monday!

International Monday

It’s International Monday! We have much to thank God for: Elevate Church in Limerick, Ireland celebrated one year yesterday. Congratulations, Dermot and the Elevate team! May you celebrate many more years of leading people to a new understanding of Jesus. In 2013, TEN people were baptized at Mustard Seed Christian Church in Osaka, Japan! The average church in Japan sees 1.1 baptisms per year. Many hearts and lives are being changed by God through the MSCC churches.