Expanding The Impact

From Brent Storms, President and CEO As we find ourselves between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m feeling both a deep sense of gratitude and a great anticipation of what is to come. I’m grateful for the ways God has allowed our ministry to reach tens of thousands of people with the gospel. I’m also excited about the opportunity to continue expanding the impact. What we have witnessed in New York City in the past three years is remarkable! Three years ago Renaissance Church was launched in Harlem under the leadership of Jordan and Jessica Rice. Today they are reaching nearly 400…

Meet Jordan

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Meet Jordan

From Brent Storms, President/CEO I’m delighted to announce that Orchard Group will be adding a new staff member to our team. Jordan Rice has agreed to become our Regional Director for New York City. We couldn’t be happier to have his help as we plant more churches here in America’s largest and most influential city. Jordan is a native New Yorker who grew up playing basketball in Harlem. He committed his life to Christ in college and started leading Bible studies with his basketball teammates and friends. After completing a law degree he worked as an attorney in New York…

Epiphany Church Launch Sunday

A beautiful start for Epiphany Church in Brooklyn! A crowd gathered before the service, visiting and enjoying goodies made by bakers in the church. Once the service began, people trickled in until the place was packed. Gabe Katz welcomed everyone to launch Sunday. Dr. Eric Mason prayed for the new church and Brandon Watts. People read from the Word – “old” style…. ….and new! Please keep Epiphany Church in your prayers as they join Jesus in His work in Brooklyn.  If you would like to financially support this church, you can do so at this page.

The Brooklyn Project

Following God’s direction can lead to unexpected places. Abram followed God’s call to go, not knowing where it would lead. Jonah heard God’s call to Nineveh, but chose to run from it! Today, God still leads His people to surprising places. Brandon Watts was successful in the corporate world in Philadelphia. Then good job prospects and a promotion offered opportunity for his family to move to the South. Yet neither Brandon nor his wife, Ty, could shake the sense that God wanted a different direction for their lives. After considerable prayer, Brandon and Ty confirmed that God was leading them…

Two New Churches Make One Exciting Month

One of the most exciting times in a family’s life is the birth of a baby.  New parents (and grandparents!) post photos to share in their joy.  Starting a new church is often compared to a birth.  Furious work happens behind the scenes for months.  Then everyone gets together to celebrate “Launch Sunday.”  What was once behind the scenes is now public and ready to take its place in the world!  Launch Sunday is one of the highlights of the early life of a church. During September, two new churches were planted with the help of Orchard Group. Renewal Church-…

Launch Sunday in Harlem!

It’s an exciting weekend for Renaissance Church! Launch Sunday is 2 days away. If you’re in NYC, come out to Harlem to show them support. Everyone, everywhere can pray for God’s presence to be moving in mighty ways through this new church community.

From lawyer to minster Hear the story of Jordan Rice, lead planter of Renaissance Church, and the people who are helping to get this church started in the fall! Please pray for Renaissance, Harlem and the leaders of this new church. video credit to Matthew Kern

Jordan leads the Harlem Project, with a plan to launch in 2014. Jordan Rice will lead a new church plant in the diverse neighborhood of Harlem in 2014. Once famous as a vibrant African American community, Harlem is now a mosaic of ethnicities and cultures. This diversity is part of what has attracted New York native Jordan Rice to plant a church in Harlem. According to Jordan, “ What Harlem has become is this ripe ground for God’s kingdom on earth. There are so many cultures and cultures within cultures. I’m hoping to be a part of a church where…

Who’s Adam and Eve?

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Who’s Adam and Eve?

Matt & Kala Mueller find the nations of the world in their NYC youth group “Who’s Adam and Eve?” A young man at Everyday Christian Church in New York City asked this question to Matt and Kala Mueller, leaders of the youth group. Many kids attending Everyday have never heard stories from the Bible. “They don’t know who Peter is. They don’t know the story of David and Goliath,” Matt explained. They are hungry to hear more! Valentin is a 14 year old who attends the Everyday youth group regularly. With no parental support or involvement, he walks a mile every…