Launch Sunday in Harlem!

It’s an exciting weekend for Renaissance Church! Launch Sunday is 2 days away. If you’re in NYC, come out to Harlem to show them support. Everyone, everywhere can pray for God’s presence to be moving in mighty ways through this new church community.

From lawyer to minster Hear the story of Jordan Rice, lead planter of Renaissance Church, and the people who are helping to get this church started in the fall! Please pray for Renaissance, Harlem and the leaders of this new church. video credit to Matthew Kern

Jordan leads the Harlem Project, with a plan to launch in 2014. Jordan Rice will lead a new church plant in the diverse neighborhood of Harlem in 2014. Once famous as a vibrant African American community, Harlem is now a mosaic of ethnicities and cultures. This diversity is part of what has attracted New York native Jordan Rice to plant a church in Harlem. According to Jordan, “ What Harlem has become is this ripe ground for God’s kingdom on earth. There are so many cultures and cultures within cultures. I’m hoping to be a part of a church where…

Who’s Adam and Eve?

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Who’s Adam and Eve?

Matt & Kala Mueller find the nations of the world in their NYC youth group “Who’s Adam and Eve?” A young man at Everyday Christian Church in New York City asked this question to Matt and Kala Mueller, leaders of the youth group. Many kids attending Everyday have never heard stories from the Bible. “They don’t know who Peter is. They don’t know the story of David and Goliath,” Matt explained. They are hungry to hear more! Valentin is a 14 year old who attends the Everyday youth group regularly. With no parental support or involvement, he walks a mile every…