Connection Brings Strength

The Redwood groves in California are one of nature’s wonders. These trees can grow to 275 feet high and 25 feet in diameter – large enough to drive a car through! Some of these trees are over a thousand years old, withstanding floods, fires, and strong winds.  With the tops of the trees reaching into the sky, one might assume that the roots go down hundreds of feet into the ground to support their height.  Surprisingly, the redwoods have very shallow root systems, sometimes only 12 feet deep. Unusually, the trees’ roots reach out towards each other, interweaving to create a strong…

Meet Courtney from Mosaic

Meet Courtney, from Mosaic Christian Church in Baltimore (right, with Louis and Yolandi Scheepers, lead planters of Pro Deo Church in Cape Town, South Africa). After college, Courtney found herself in a toxic relationship and drowning in credit card debt.  She was unhappy, but didn’t know where to turn.  Her sister invited her to Mosaic Christian Church, and Courtney started to attend.  Repeatedly, the sermons were relevant to the issues that she was dealing with that week.  The Biblical messages were providing hope for change. “God would even use the music to speak to my issues.  What I was hearing and learning…

Pro Deo Launches in Cape Town

Pro Deo Church celebrated a successful launch in Cape Town, South Africa last month! Partners from Mosaic Christian Church and Renaissance Church were on hand to volunteer and take photos: