Fighting Human Trafficking

Mosaic, Revolution, and The Foundry are partners in the fight against human trafficking in Baltimore. Their presence has been vital to the work of The Samaritan Women, a home for the restoration and care of survivors of sexual abuse. Amanda Weikel, a member of Mosaic and Manager at the home, states, “Churches like Mosaic and Foundry are the hands and feet of Jesus to these women. One of our first groups of volunteers came from Mosaic. The Foundry was here doing physical work on the property before we even opened. Three years ago the property looked like a garbage dump.”…

Cord Of 3 Strands

Orchard Group began planting churches in New York City in 1948. Over the past 25 years, our church planting efforts expanded into the northeast region. Decades of work are now bearing fruit, as new churches become mature churches and in turn help more new churches start. Individual churches become a network that branch out to change the spiritual landscape of cities.   This growth is especially visible in the Baltimore/Annapolis area where three churches started in the past six years are growing rapidly and supporting each other, even partnering together in gospel-oriented projects in the city. Mosaic Christian Church, led by…

Start A Movement. Plant Pregnant

“The goal of any church plant or church, for that matter, should never be stability. Stability as a goal becomes a poison that can turn the heart of a church to stone. It relegates a church to small dreams and little impact.” -Josh Burnett, lead planter at Revolution Church in Annapolis Josh’s enthusiasm for church planting and dependance upon God’s leading is inspiring. In this ebook, Josh shares personal stories and practical advice on “planting pregnant.” Pick up your copy from Exponential here!

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Since their launch in 2010, Revolution has baptized 87 people! Showing people the way to Jesus- so thankful for their work in Annapolis.