Generosity, Fun, and New Life

What is your church known for? Trace Church launched in the fall of 2016. The church’s name comes from the desire to “leave a Trace of God’s love wherever we go.” That impression of God is making a difference in the lives of people in Colorado Springs. Two more people were baptized this month! New churches are one of the best ways to reach out to new people with the gospel message. Trace continues to grow as more and more people respond to Jesus. When people are asked for a word to describe Christians, “fun” may not typically at the…

Christmas Store at The Foundry Church

1300 brand new toys (look at those bicycles in the background)! 200+ volunteer hours 170 families served 20 people lined up outside before the store even opened The Foundry had two very successful weekends of The Christmas Store.  The church is providing high quality toys at a very low cost to families in inner Baltimore.  This is their second year of ministering to the community in this way.  It has been such a successful event that the local university wants to book The Christmas Store for their location next year! Volunteer Holly Gray shared what serving at the Christmas Store…


It started with a guy who had a giant screen and a projector. MISSION CHURCH in Ventura, CA wanted to find a way to have fun with families in their city over the summer. As they reviewed their staff, their volunteers, and all their resources, they discovered a friend who owned equipment that could play movies outside. Free Friday Flicks was created and two hundred people came to the first event. This summer, three years after the first FFF, 1,000 guests joined the fun. It has grown to include bounce houses, face painting, popcorn and drinks, and a photo booth with…

The Christmas Store at The Foundry

Throughout the month of December and over the next several years, The Foundry Church is committed to serving Hollins Market, a low income neighborhood in Baltimore. This neighborhood is where Foundry wants to spend their time, talent and treasure – helping the neighborhood develop into something great. The Christmas Store is one of the ways they have established a presence in the area.  The store is open Saturdays in December and is being staffed by both Foundry volunteers and a few people in the neighborhood that will be working for store credit.  “Our hope is that this store enables all parents to be able to not…

Mission Church

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What good can one new church do in a community? This compelling video from Mission Church in Ventura, CA shows how one new church community has a real and practical impact on the people of a city.  Their generosity is the visible outpouring of a gracious God!

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Good things are happening at The Foundry Church in Baltimore! Community Building with their first ever BBQ Community Growth when they expand to 2 services this month Community service by sending people to help with Renaissance Church’s launch Sunday. Through this church’s life may the goodness of God’s life be evident to all!

Orchard Group Podcast #4: Serving in the Community

  Whatever you do for the least of these, you also do for me. -Jesus These words set a high standard for those of us who follow Jesus and work in churches! Today’s discussion will center around how several different churches live out the calling to serve Jesus and be a visible gospel in their communities. Highlights of the discussion: 7:51 Chris asks, “What is the right kind of posture to have in serving?” 10:00 Brad, “Sometimes we take people’s dignity in the way we serve them.” 14:13 Jonathan, “If a church isn’t serving, then it is not living out the gospel.” 14:49 What…

Church Planting Joys

Last week, Orchard Group churches: Celebrated baptisms Dedicated families Served cities What a pleasure to see the work these churches are doing in living out the gospel throughout the world!  

Mission Church volunteers truly love the people of Ventura, California.  This video highlights the various ways they have served their city in the last year. Keep up the good work Mission!  May the love of God be evident in all you do and may your good work point people to the hope we have in Jesus!

Once a week, a group from Missio Dei Community walks the streets to serve the prostitutes of Salt Lake City. Nurse Kelley Caruso describes the ministry, which provides water, food, hygiene kits, information and support.  Just as Jesus came to seek and save the lost, Missio loves others in their community- even in uncomfortable places. Missio is representing Jesus well in Salt Lake City.  Their compassion helps restore dignity and point these women back to a loving God.