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IMAGINE A FUTURE... in which new churches are flourishing in major cities all around the globe: Thousands of people responding in faith to the good news of Jesus, new ministries being started to serve the under-privileged and over-looked, daughter churches being started, missionaries being trained and commissioned, and cities being transformed by the power of the gospel. We believe God has prepared us for SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

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  • Renewal Church 2

    Go Where The People Are

    Derrick Puckett recognized that many times people won’t come to church, even if they are spiritually seeking.  So Renewal Church in Chicago makes a habit of getting outside t...

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  • Church Planting Faithfulness 1

    Get Back To Me In 20

    You might not know why you’re doing what you’re doing now for another twenty years. Sorry. It’s true. Twenty years ago this month, my wife and I packed up our meager belongings and...

  • ParisKarrie-2

    Church Planting in Paris

    There are 60,000 people in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris. And one evangelical church. The need for the gospel is great! Etienne Koning will lead a new church in Paris in the comi...


  • Lagos2

    Introducing the Lagos Project

    Lagos is a city of superlatives: With more than 20 million inhabitants, it’s not only the largest city in the country of Nigeria, it’s the largest city on the continent of Africa....


  • Epiphany-15

    Epiphany Church Launch Sunday

    A beautiful start for Epiphany Church in Brooklyn! A crowd gathered before the service, visiting and enjoying goodies made by bakers in the church. Once the service began, people t...


  • Cape Town Guys-1

    The Cape Town Project

    We met Louis and Yolandi Scheepers (pronounced “Skippers”) in April at a church planting conference in Florida, and we were quickly impressed by their vision and passion for the pe...