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IMAGINE A FUTURE... in which new churches are flourishing in major cities all around the globe: Thousands of people responding in faith to the good news of Jesus, new ministries being started to serve the under-privileged and over-looked, daughter churches being started, missionaries being trained and commissioned, and cities being transformed by the power of the gospel. We believe God has prepared us for SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

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  • Church Planting Retreat

    Spending time with these church planting leaders in Miami is the highlight of the Orchard Group calendar. They serve their people and their communities with tireless effort, humble...

  • A Far Better Savior

    From Jessica Rice Renaissance Church in New York City I don’t think it’s presumptive to say we all like the feeling of being helpful and feeling as though we make a difference in o...


  • Building God’s Kingdom or Clinging to Mine

    By Ty Watts, Epiphany Church in Brooklyn, New York I find it hard to admit when I am wrong. Maybe because I’m usually always right – or at least I try and convince myself that I am...


  • The Gathering Harlem- One Year Celebration

    Congratulations to our church family at THE GATHERING in Harlem, New York City! They celebrated their one year birthday in September. The Gathering has grown in numbers, but the le...

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  • Launch Sunday – Mission City Church

    MISSION CITY CHURCH held their first service on Sunday with two full services. One attendee, a resident of Santa Barbara, said, “I feel like this church was started just for...

  • Launch Sunday – Bay City Church

    Sunday was a great start for BAY CITY CHURCH in San Francisco!  Bay City meets in the Bayview neighborhood, one of the last remaining working-class neighborhoods in the city. As th...