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Planting Churches In And From New York City

  • Mission baptisms

    Hope in Dark Places

    It was a beautiful weekend at our churches around the world. Over 25 people were baptized. The Foundry Church in Baltimore hosted an early morning prayer for their city. Mosaic, Re...

  • Institute-3

    Orchard Institute

    You may have heard some of the startling statistics concerning cities: For the first time in history more than half the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050 more than 70% wi...

  • These windows overlook downtown Salt Lake City

    New Space for Missio Dei

    Opening Sunday in Missio Dei Community’s new space! They’ve done a great job renovating it and making it a place to welcome new people. Missio had a BIG Easter weekend....

  • Operations-1

    Church Planting Operations

    As a church planter or church leader, there are certain things we don’t like to think about (like death and taxes) that we cannot avoid. I can’t give official legal advice in this...

  • Restoration Launch3

    Restoration Church Launch Sunday

    What a great start for Restoration Church in Philadelphia! Before the service, opening prayers were offered with leaders Rob Tomko, Watson Jones, Dr. Eric Mason & AJ Smith Lead...


  • Jonathan

    Our latest video!

    PLANTING CHURCHES IN AND FROM NYC SINCE 1948 Orchard Group starts churches in challenging, strategic, and influential cities throughout the world.   Thank you to Matthew Kern...