Orchard Group has been planting churches in the New York City metropolitan area for over sixty years and in the northeastern United States for twenty years. New churches started by Orchard Group since 2000 are reaching thousands of people in the metro areas of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and Pittsburgh.

In the past few years we have expanded to other challenging, strategic, urban settings: Miami, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Francisco. International church planting efforts are underway in Paris, Lagos, Cape Town, Nagoya and Osaka. From our hub in New York City, we look forward to starting more churches in other U.S. and International cities.

Orchard Group has maintained the same simple statement of beliefs since our beginning in 1948. These convictions have been passed down by each generation of leaders. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, we continue to affirm the following:

The inspiration and authority of the whole Bible (Old and New Testament) as the revelation of God by the Holy Spirit.

The deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, His incarnation by the virgin birth, his substitutionary, atoning death on the cross, his bodily resurrection, and his personal return as taught in the New Testament.

The necessity of the new birth through the Holy Spirit for entering the Kingdom of God.

The obligation upon all believers to be witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ and to seek the salvation of others through faith in him.

- Since 1948 -


Board of directors

  • Aaron Brockett, Chairman

    Lead Pastor, Traders Point Christian Church
    Indianapolis, IN

  • Dr. Brian Kruckenberg, Vice Chairman

    Founding and Lead Pastor, New City Church
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Jennifer Taylor Johnson, Secretary

    Chief Communications Officer, Johnson University
    Levittown, PA

  • Don Anderson, Treasurer

    Executive Pastor, Chandler Christian Church
    Chandler, AZ

  • Eugene DePorter

    Minister of Outreach, Southeast Christian Church
    Louisville, KY

  • Don Hamilton

    Lead Pastor, Capitol Area Christian Church
    Harrisburg, PA

  • Dr. J.K. Jones

    Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Eastview Christian Church
    Normal, IL

  • Dr. Brian Leander

    Assistant Director, Center for Non-Profit Leadership
    Long Island, NY

  • Greg Lee

    Lead Pastor, Suncrest Christian Church
    St. John, IN

  • Eddie Lowen

    Senior Minister, West Side Christian Church
    Springfield, IL

  • Brent Storms

    President and CEO, Orchard Group
    New York, NY